What are the ingredients used in our cookies?

Ingredients: Flour, Margarine, Butter, Sugar, Eggs, Almond essence, Vanilla essence, Salt, Permitted Colors.
(NO pork. NO lard. NO gelatine ingredients.)

(No preservatives or addictives too! 🙂
Our cookies can last a long time because they are commercially hand-made, air-tight and factory sealed.

Also, cookies’ natural dryness preserve them well for a long time without preservatives 🙂

Are our Cookies Halal-Certified?

Our cookies are not Halal-Certified. However, they DO NOT contain any of these: NO pork. NO lard. NO gelatine ingredients.

How do you store the cookies after purchase?

As each cookie is individually packed and air-tight sealed in plastic packaging, they can be stored at room temperature without the need for any air-tight container. 

Where are the cookies from?

We have our cookies designed, all hand-decorated and baked in a licensed food factory and imported directly by us from Vietnam.

How long do the cookies stay fresh?

The expiry date of the cookie is pasted at the back of each cookies. Typically, it will last min 2 months from the point of purchase. Since our cookies are preservative free, they stay at their peak freshness level till the stated expiry date.